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Share your workout by volunteering with New York Cares

Getting a workout in while volunteering, it’s so simple!

New York Cares has partnered with 1,350 not-for-profits, public schools, and city agencies to offer residents and visitors free, short-term volunteering in New York City and quite a few of the options could be your Sweaty work out! Bicycling, Running, Sports with kids and Kayaking are just some of the volunteer programs. NY Cares has no minimum commitment so you can fit it in with your schedule easily.

We joined up with the team at Grassroots Nomad to run with Achilles International. Able-bodied volunteers and disabled runners are matched together based on their skills to exercise in Central Park. This is a great way to share your workout with people who can really benefit from having the support of a training partner. But do not be fooled, many of the Achilles Athletes are very VERY fast!!

TIPS: you need to sign up with NY Cares before doing any volunteering, this is easy, free and orientation can be done at their Manhattan office or online!





Laura (Grassroots Nomad), Barbara (Achilles NYC Chapter), Kate (Sweaty NYC)

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